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11/16/2010 News...
Hoops got Hops - and we get Turkey !

We've just released four (4) new season sets for Inside the Paint Basketball.. These include the 1961-62, 1966-67 and 1971-72 NBA seasons as well as an interesting & entertaining All-Time NCAA Final Four set of 32 teams dating back to 1975..

This is likely the last News post before Thanksgiving in the States so we'd like to take this spot to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday. You guys are all certainly on our list of things to be thankful for...


9/2/2010 News...
Still More Blitz !

We've just released the d20 verison of Inside Blitz College Football..

A streamlined version of IB breaking the defense down to a single roll per play type. Offensive players have also been broken down into a 1d20 roll but still with the fail/pass ratings in there. The whos for carrying the ball and catching the passes are broken down for you with a 1d20 roll as well as play types for each individual team so playing solitaire is made easy.

To get enough variance in thegame 4d20 dice are used to move the game along. While there are no defensive "player" ratings each defensive player should get his stat load by the use of locator charts that give the who for INT, sacks, stuffs and PD. One main game chart will be used for reception distance, turnovers distance, running big gains and penalties. Other than that a two sided team chart for each team is all you need.

Anyone with a working knowledge of how IB played before should be able to put it together on how things are supposed to work here. No FACs here, only 20 sided dice hence the 1d20 version. There are TEAM ratings by position as an option that can be used if you don't care on the who runs, throws or catches passes but just want the team outcome.


7/29/2010 News...
More Blitzl !

We've just released the 2009 NFL season for Inside Blitz Football !
Just in time for the pre-season, last years' NFL season is available for purchase on the IBF page and what a fantastic season it was. Recreate many great performances on both sides of the ball.

2009 Year in Review from Football Reference website


6/18/2010 News...
Baseball !

We've just released two more Seasons for Inside Pitch Baseball ! Up for grabs are the 1964 and 1967 MLB seasons.

Look for more Scoreboard Baseball seasons shortly...

Happy Father's Day Weekend!


5/22/2010 News...
Retro Basketball !

We've just released three more NBA Seasons for Inside the Paint Basketball ! Up for grabs are the 1979-80, 1987-88 and 1992-93 seasons for both the board game and PC game versions of ITP. Some great players in these sets and some fantastic NBA history to be (re)made...

Get your copies now. All three are available printed / shipped in full color or black & white, or print your own from our PDF eBook. For the PC players out there, we've not forgotten you either - all three seasons are available for purchase in PC Data File format emailed to your inbox. Pricing on PC seasons are the same as the PDF files for the board game.

5/14/2010 News...
More Quick Baseball !

We've just released two more seasons for Scoreboard Baseball - The 2007 MLB and 2008 MLB seasons are now available on the Scoreboard Baseball page. Sets come in both printed and eBook versions..

Also, the finishing touches are being put on 3 new NBA seasons for Inside the Paint Basketball... Look for those sooner rather than later !

5/4/2010 News...
Springtime Tennis !

We've just released 6 (six) NEW SEASONS for Scoreboard Tennis... 1973, 1981, 1992 & 1996 for the Men and 1992 / 1996 for the Ladies. There are tons of players in each set so grab your copy and start running through these great retro tour years !


4/24/2010 News...
Playoff Fever! ...and some house cleaning

We've just released the recently completed 2009-10 NBA season for Inside the Paint Basketball. Both the board and computer versions of this exciting season are available.

Play along with the current playoffs as they are going on or take your favorite stars through the long NBA regular season and see how your playoff matchups end up.

Also, an update for Inside the Crease for PC has been posted. This brings the software up to ver. 1.1.0 and adds the following changes / fixes.

Fixed the bug in which a goalie's record did not get updated after consecutive games were played.

Fixed the bug in which a player's games missed due to injury wasn't getting decreased in the datafile.

Changed many fonts throughout the game to account for some fonts not getting installed on systems running Windows Vista.

Changed the Misconduct Rating check from 1-9 to 1-40.

4/12/2010 News...
More Baseball !

We've just released seven new seasons that were in the hopper for Scoreboard Baseball. Now the list of available seasons reads like this:

1956, 1961, 1965, 1969, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1980, 1985, 1986, 1995 &
2009. This is 12 of the 14 total seasons that are available for Inside Pitch Baseball.

Thanks to everyone for the very warm initial reception to Scoreboard Baseball. We are very pleased that everyone has taken to it so well and hope that it continues to fill the needs of its players and provide many many years of enjoyment.

4/08/2010 News...
April Showers Bring Baseball !

We've just released the 2nd entry in our new Quick Play game line. Scoreboard Baseball along with five MLB seasons for the same. The game itself is not only standalone but is also a great companion product to Inside Pitch Baseball and all five season for Scoreboard are also available for IPB.

Get on the Board with our Scoreboard line of games !

Thanks, once more, for the Madness !

The Inside Paint March Madness sale has ended now that the NCAA Championships have been decided. Thanks very much, again, to all who participated in this sale.

Look for the 2009/2010 NCAA basketball teams, based on the final end of season stats, soon !

4/02/2010 News...
Tennis Anyone?

We've just released the first entry in our new game line. Scoreboard Tennis along with 8 tour years (6 Mens, 2 Womens).

The SCOREBOARD line of games is to be more of a Quick Play type of game system where results can be played to an end quickly and easily. These games serve as both stand-alone entries as well as companion products for our full detail play INSIDE SPORTS line of games. All of the Scoreboard line will have free game parts available at the site to download and print. Various years / seasons for each game will be available for purchase.

Scoreboard Tennis will soon be followed by the much anticipated Scoreboard Baseball which will be released along with the 1956, 1965, 1978, 1986, and 2009 MLB seasons.

Get on the Board with our Scoreboard line of games !

Thanks for the Madness !
Also, we would like to thank everyone for making the ITP March Madness Sale such a rousing success. We hope that you are enjoying your 65 Tourney Teams as well as the real-life 2010 NCAA Championship Tournament. The sale will run another 3 days..

3/13/2010 News...
March Madness?

We've just now released 2009 on the Men's side for Inside Volley Tennis as well as 1986 MLB for Inside Pitch Baseball.. Hmm, usually March means madness and that madness is basketball.. Guess we need to do something with that now... Hope everyone's team gets in and does well :)

12/18/2009 News...
Inside Volley goes to press

We're now able, for the first time ever, to offer Inside Volley Tennis as a printed/shipped product! This brings our entire catalog up to date and makes everything available in both printed and ebook format.

12/15/2009 News...
Two New Seasons

We've just released the 1991 NFL season for Inside Blitz Football as well as the historic & well documented 1961 MLB season for Inside Pitch Baseball. Both offerings are available, right away, in printed and ebook format.

11/17/2009 News...
... More Now in Print !

The ISG print catalog expansion continues. On the heals of the Inside Blitz Football printed materials returning last week comes our first ever release of printed goods for the Hardwood. All Inside the Paint seasons for both pro (NBA / ABA) and college (NCAA) along with the game parts, of course, are now ready to be printed and shipped to your door (Ppd, in the US, as always).

Don't miss this chance to stock up on some great seasons for our popular basketball game.

As an added surprise - the 1981-82 NBA season releases today, as well.

... lace up the Chuck's & rip some twine!

11/10/2009 News...
Hot Off the Presses !

The ISG catalog is now back in print, so to speak. The return of the printed game materials (game parts and player cards) is upon us. We are happy to be able to offer, once again, full printing services to our customers! We're are also excited by the quality of the new FAC Decks for the games which require FACs.. "Game Parts" orders come with FACs (where applicable) and/or an extra FAC Deck can be purchased separately.

Over the next week(s), we will be adding more printed components to our webpages... As of now, IP Baseball, IB Football and ITC Hockey are ready to roll. Additional FAC Decks, for all games, are also available now.

... Our Games

10/2/2009 News...
The Puck Drops Here !

The goal was to release the 2008/09 NHL cards / database prior to the start of the actual 2009/10 National League season. We're a day late on getting 'em posted so thanks for the patience.

One of the reasons for being a couple of weeks later than we'd hoped on the release is the fact we were busy putting the finishing touches on several other seasons so, in addition to 2008/09, there are also three more seasons offered (1977/78, 1990/91, 2000/01).

All four seasons are available for both the PC and the Board version of Inside the Crease Hockey.

...details here!

Happy Hockey Season, everyone... Good luck to your team(s).

09/11/2009 News...
Revamp & Some Football !

The website has been redesigned - or, at least, is now laid out a bit more user friendly. Now, each game has its own page with information, photos & an area to purchase the games/seasons, should you choose to do so, from within the page itself. This was done in order to bypass the one-stop-webshop that we've had for the past two years and also to provide some more information about our board and PC games.

Hopefully, these changes will result is a better experience for everyone who visits ISG.

Thank you all for stopping by!

2008 NFL
2008 NCAA Top 32
Inside Blitz Football Helper for Windows / PC

The ISG-TV streaming links are gone but, for anyone interested, just drop us an email and we'll help you get your game(s)...

05/09/2009 News...
A Slam Dunk

A number of items have been released or updated for our new Basketball game, Inside the Paint... The PC Game has been updated to version 1.1. A new NBA season has been released, 1995/96, for both board and windows pc versions. The 2008/09 college basketball season is due very very soon for both games, as well. This will make a total of seven (7) seasons available for Inside the Paint (1 college, 5 NBA and 1 ABA) pretty much right out of the gate. The FAC Flipper for ITP has also been updated and posted to the downloads area. The 1972 MLB Season for Inside Pitch Baseball was also released recently - along with Inside Volley, our new Men's Tennis game!

Finally, the site will soon undergo a major overhaul. Gone will be the addons/downloads and the webshop pages. All files, whether free or pay, pertaining to whatever game will be found on the games' specific page - along with writeups, photos and similar. Hopefully, this will lessen the clutter and confusion that our growth has caused. Also, we will be launching a small blog area, broken down into a few subcategories, where site patrons can learn more about our replays, thoughts, game making ideas and what we are working on in the future. We are hoping to get all of this up and running in the next week or so.

11/14 News...
ITC Hat Trick

After some delays, we have finally released three new seasons for Inside the Crease Hockey (board and PC versions). On the heals of the recently completed 2007/08 National League release comes the 1972/73 WHA as well as the 1993/94 NHL. Both pre-printed or DIY/PDF cardsets for the board game and electronic datafiles for the PC version of the game are all available for purchase in the webshop.

9/02 Nothing New, Just News...
Tennis & Two Wheels

Bill & Chris have been burning the midnight oil to get IVT (Inside Volley Tennis) to completion and that is going very well.

ISG-TV has 2 links for live coverage of La Vuelta a Espana cycling race. For those unfamiliar with the sport of professional cycling, the Tour of Spain is the last of the three "Grand Tours" run each year. A decent way to kill a morning @ work, if nothing else. The race runs from 8/30 through 9/21 this year.

8/15 NCAA Football
2007 NCAA Season for Inside Blitz Football is Available in the Web Shop

This includes, for the first time, offerings for the Top32 BCS teams in full format along with all 120 BCS teams in "LITE" format which can also be purchased as a whole set, as conference packs or individually. The Top16 FCS teams (Div-1AA as it used to be) are available, as a set, as well.

As usual, each of these offerings are available pre-printed on 110lb perforated card stock or as an eBook.

7/27 A Triple Crowning
1956 MLB Season for Inside Pitch Baseball is Available in the Web Shop

7/5 Latest in the NFL
2007 NFL Season for Inside Blitz Football is Available in the Web Shop

"Helpers", used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel, are available for each NFL season and can be found in the DOWNLOADS area of this site.

3/22 PLAY BALL!!!:
Inside Pitch Baseball is Available in the Web Shop.

Scorebooks for each season (1969, 1980, 1995 and 2007) are available for free in the DOWNLOADS area.

3/8 We Have Another Face-Off - This Time on Windows / PC:
Inside the Crease Hockey for Windows is Available in the Web Shop.

After many months, Bill Salm has completed his awesome work of converting our ITC Board Game to the Windows / PC Platform for all to enjoy.

There is a fully functional 5 day trial version available for free download. If you like the game and wish to purchase it, the price is $30 and gets you an unlock code to allow the game to run past the 5 day trial period.

The 6 National League seasons for the board game are also available for the PC game at an extra charge (ranging from $5 to $17ea).

All PC products are available on Windows CD-ROM, as well.

12/10 We Have Face-Off, Again:
Inside the Crease Hockey is Available Again in the Web Shop.

The ITC Player Card reprint is complete and the second mail batch goes out tomorrow via Priority Mail to everyone who purchased the game in October (the first shipment went out today).  This should mean that you will all have them before the weekend, hopefully, but given the time of the year there is no way to know for sure. The PDF / eBook files have been resent, via email, as well.

The website should be up and ready by Wednesday, DEC 12 for taking new orders for the game (it is...).  The 1967-68 season is still being worked on and will be available very shortly but, since nobody purchased that season in the first printing, we figured we would get the others back out before completing that one.

Please note, it is only the player cards that have changed and that is what is being reshipped; not the FACs - as they were fine.

Thanks for your patience in sticking with us while we made the game even better!

9/26 Big Play Football Release Date:
Big Play Football Returns This Weekend!

We have scheduled the release of Big Play Football for this weekend (Sept 30th/Oct 1st). Barring any setbacks, we're well on track to meet these dates.

The game itself will be available in the Downloads section of this site and is free of charge for those wishing to print at home. Individual seasons will be available for purchase in the ISG Shop.

We expect to, at the very least, offer the NFL seasons of 1965, 1969, 1972, 1986, 1994, 1998 and 2006 at launch.

9/16 An Old Friend to Many Finally Re-awakens:
Big Play Football is Coming to ISG!

We have decided to re-release Chris' Big Play Football with a few new enhancements, updated game play and some new seasons. Basically, it's the same great game made even better.. Details forthcoming, but this isn't too far away at all.

9/09 New Rule for QB Scrambles (Inside Blitz):
There has been an OFFICIAL RULE change and procedure set for the QB scrambles for Inside Blitz.

While this doesn't affect every scramble run it does help in the accuracy of the game on both sides of the ball.

The more mobile QBs will have a greater chance to make a play (more Ss' on their card) while the plodders (less Ss' on the card) will lay down before getting hit. This also gives the chance for the defense to make a play or fail just like any other run play. Consider the S play to be where the QB has decided to try and beat that one defender to get that extra yardage rather then hit the deck.

We have found this rule to be better and more in line with the rest of the game. Best part is it only required the addition of rolling the blue die from the lookup chart. Thus this has become the official rule.

RULE: If, during a scramble run, an S event is rolled from the QBs scramble section you will now go to the special QB S section of the lookup chart. This section has yardages broken down like any other run play with High/Low yardages.

Rolling 3d6 use the red and white combined to get a number from 11-66 and the blue die will be used for a rating check. Using the upturned FAC check the SP section to find the key player whos RUN rating (no adjustments for strategy) will be checked. If the rating check roll is less than or equal to RD of the key defender (found from the SP section of the
FAC), the defender was successful at stopping the play for the shorter yardage. Otherwise the higher yardage is used.

***This is ONLY used on S events from the SCRAMBLE section of the QB card. Any S result coming from the QBs RUN section is treated as before.

The effected files can be freely downloaded here (grab both the "rule additions" and the "game charts"). For customers who purchased a pre-printed game from us prior to today, you will be getting a new set of laminated game charts via the US Postal Service very soon and, of course, at no additional cost to you.


9/02 Additions for old Inside Blitz Charts Posted:
We've posted the new additions to use with the old team charts for Inside Blitz Football. This is only for customers who bought their Blitz seasons from our friends at Downey Games and wish to use the new ISG optional rules for the game.

This effects the NFL seasons of 1972, 1978, 1981, 1985, 2004, 2005 and 2006 (again, only if your seasons were purchased from Downey Games).

Files are here.


8/28 Hockey Seasons Announced:
We've decided on the initial season releases for In the Crease Hockey. There will be four of our seasons released at the same time we launch the game. These will be the National League seasons of 2006-07, 1981-82, 1974-75 and 1967-68.

Also, one of our playtesters surprised us with a his take / preview of the game. That can be found here.

Thanks again, to everyone, for making our launch weekend such a ripping success! We hope everyone enjoys the first major weekend of college football in the states at the end of this week.


8/25 ISG Web Site Launch:
Today is a pretty big day for us here at ISG.. We hope it's the first of many to come. A special thanks to our friends, customers and family members for all of their understanding and support.

UPDATE: Just wanted to thank everyone for being so great through the first part of the day today. You guys are awesome. Support / feedback has been wonderful, sales brisk and well-wishes aplenty. We certainly couldn't ask for anything more and hope that everyone is enjoying their games.


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